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Using Video to support a Tender

Many of us will know that a lot of work goes into writing a tender bid. Previously we worked with a client who was hoping to gain a large international project. It was assumed that the UK would not have the right facilities to comply with the tender and therefore would be unable to complete the order.

The company came to us at Almond Productions to see if we could help by providing them with the evidence they needed. Through the use of video we were able to demonstrate key points such as their working environment, how they implemented health and safety, as well as the specialist equipment they used.

In applying for the tender they felt that photographs would not suffice, they needed a well constructed video so that everything could be seen clearly and in operation.

The video we produced for them was then submitted with their tender application. This gave them the advantage they needed. As a result of this they won the tender and we were pleased we were able to help. Due to client confidentiality we are unable to disclose the identity of our client here.

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