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Telling a Story with Video

When we are creating a video for a business or organisation, one of the most important aspects we consider is, what is the story we need to convey.

You may assume that you just need some video to demonstrate a piece of equipment or a simple process. However that in its self can be a mini story.

At school we were taught that any story has a beginning middle and end. To some extent that still rings true in creating a good video. What do we start with, how does the message flow, what are the key aspects that we need to demonstrate, and how do we conclude with a good appropriate and strong ending.

To get a message across to your audience, whether they are delegates at a conference, board members, trainees or the general public, we need the video to be engaging. The video needs to pull the viewer in and be interesting as well as informative.

There are lots of techniques we can use to tell your story:

  • The most obvious one that most people will think of for a corporate video, is that of using a voice over. Here a narrator talks us through the video, often adding extra information.
  • Another technique is using interviews. Interviews can be edited in a way that points people raise can be grouped together in a way that follows a structure. It may cut between the interviewees and the viewer sees a conversation flowing between people that actually makes sense and is easy to watch.
  • Events could be recreated or dramatized to get a message across. We commonly see this approach in television adverts, where a tight script is used with actors to deliver it.
  • What we must not forget is that video is visual. What we see is equally important. It is possible to get a strong message across even without the use of the above techniques, allowing the visuals to speak for themselves. Video footage will still be structured and be edited in an order that makes sense and flows in order to get its message across to its audience. 

Of course, it is perfectly possible to create a video that uses either one or a mixture of the above techniques. We work alongside our clients and have a structure in place before we even start filming. We use scripts and storyboards to check that the structure, story and message are going to be as effective and engaging as possible.

Part of our role is to make sure we tell your story well.

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