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How much does it cost to make a video?

This is a question we often get asked, and is a very difficult question to answer without any knowledge of what is to be included in the video.

Length of the video?
The length of a video does not necessarily determine the cost of the production. A video that is 5 minutes long, shot on more than one location, with special effects, and actors or presenters is going to be more expensive to produce than a more simple 10 minute video that is perhaps filmed on one location and consists of one interview and a few shots on site or nearby.

How we determine the costs for your video.
Every project we do is different and so we need to look at the scope of your production. We need to work out what is necessary to effectively communicate your message.The first thing we will do is to work out what the key message is that you want to convey, and who the message is aimed at and why.

We will look at all the key elements which will include:

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • What locations we will be filming at ?
  • Times and dates, how many days filming will we need. How long will the footage take to edit? Is there a deadline for the finished video?
  • Personnel, such as how many crew members are required, as well as people taking part in your video, whether they are actors, professional presenters or perhaps members of your organization?
  • What equipment are we going to use? Are we going to film in any unusual circumstances that may have budget implications, such as on water or from the air?
  • Do we need a voice over artist?
  • Are any special effects or graphics required?
  • Is music required?
  • What format is the video going to take, for example is it for Youtube or a website or to be screened at a large conference?

Once we have established the above criteria, then all of our costs are based on daily rates, as well ashow many people are required and if we need to hire any specialist equipment. Planning your video with you is very important. The more planning we can do at the start will save costs in shooting and editing time later on.

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