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Copyright – Who owns it?

This is a question we are often asked. The video we produce for you may contain certain elements that need to have clearance before release. This may be for things like using old film footage, but for our clients, usually it is about using music within a video. By obtaining permission to use a certain piece of library footage or a piece of music a fee is usually payable to an organization such as the MRCPS (this keeps us from breaking any infringement laws).

When you commission us to provide you with your bespoke video, we take the stance that we are producing something for you. It fits your purpose and you are paying for the production. Some people may take the stance that the person or company that shoots the film or takes the photograph owns the copyright. We see it as more of a joint agreement. We are happy for you to have as many copies of the final film or video as you like. It is your film. However, we keep original footage, so if a re-edit is required in the future you would just need to pay for the editing, or a small fee would be charged if you wish us to provide clips to be used elsewhere such as for television.

We were horrified to hear recently of a company that produced a video for a client on DVD, and then started selling the DVD’s themselves without the clients knowledge, claiming that they owned the copyright and could do what they liked. Naturally the client was outraged . This organization then came to us at Almond Productions, as they knew that this was something we would never do.

All we ask from you and your organisation, is that if it is appropriate, could we use some of the footage for our own marketing purposes (such as clips on our website or to demonstrate to other clients)? Of course, if your video is confidential then we fully respect and honour that.

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