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Client Confidentiality

We often get asked to produce video that is confidential. The reasons can be varied. Client confidentiality is important to us and something we take very seriously. It is important to us as it shows our clients have built up a level of trust with us. The down side for us is that we may not be able to show as many of our examplesof video production as we would like. However, it is important for you the client, because you know your footage is going to be safe and secure and not shown to your competitors.

The previous post mentioned a client who wanted video for a tender application that needed to be kept confidential. Another project we have been working on has been producing a series of documentaries on the subject of children with special needs. The documentaries showed these children and their parents discussing the type of support they were getting and where more support was needed. This was a very sensitive subject, and of course working with young people has lots of implications. The films were made for a very specific audience and shown to those who provide care and support within local councils.

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