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About Almond Productions

We offer a bespoke service and regard every client individually.

Meet the Team

Almond Productions are a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the UK.

Almond Kellacher

Producer & Director
Almond set up Almond Productions in 2002. “Producing video has been part of my life for a long time & it is something that I just love to do.” Trained in the media industry with a degree in video production and a diploma in professional video editing. Almond has produced corporate and industrial video for many high profile clients such as BP and the NHS. She has also taught video production in schools, colleges & universities.

Jonathan Read

Jonathan has been one of our main camera operators for a number of years. He is also fully trained in the broadcast industry, with an HND in Television operations as well as professional Camera Operation certificates.

Simon Heal

Simon is our expert in image creation. These are either things that don’t exist yet or he will illustrate the insides of pieces of machinery & their workings that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to film.

Richard Simpson

Richard has an extensive background in PR and previously worked as a business journalist. “In PR, my expertise in the psychology of communication will help your organisation improve its credibility, penetration and understanding amongst stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, government, the public, and the media”

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Our Process

We work closely with our clients to make sure that the finished video meets all of its objectives, especially in terms of getting the right message across, to the right audience.

There are three basic stages we work through to produce your video.

1. Pre-production.

This is where we will meet with you and discuss requirements, form ideas, write scripts and plan the shoot, involving you at every stage. At this point we also produce outlines for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) work if required.

2. The Shoot.

Our experienced camera crew will arrive on location with the director and start to film the script that you and Almond Productions have agreed together.

3. Post-production.

At this stage the project takes shape through editing. Sound and images are matched together, and the video structured to effectively get your organisations message across. After the edit we will then output to the format you require, be it files for internet or DVD, etc.

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The price of a video will depend on the following key areas:

Typically our prices range from £1,500 to £8,000 + VAT

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