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12 Hints and Tips for Making Your Own Video

Before we start:

  1. Think about the main message you want to get across to your audience.
  2. Who are your target audience and what sort of style or message is going to appeal to them? If you can adapt to your viewers, this will get them to engage with you in a more successful way.
  3. A little bit of planning and preparation will go a long way.
  4. Make the first 15 seconds count. In this day and age if your audience are not engaged in the first few seconds they will have moved on. Time is precious.
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t try and tell everything at once to your potential customer or client. If you have two or three key messages, it might be worth thinking about breaking the points down into short snappy videos rather than one long one.

The shoot:

  1. Use a tripod. Shaky hand held camera shots can make it harder for your audience to appreciate your message. Steady shots help to make everything look more slick and professional. If you are shooting with a small camera or a smart phone you can buy small mounts or gorilla pods to keep your shots steady. Failing that see if you can prop your camera up on a table or a wall.
  2. Sound. If you have someone speaking, make sure they can be heard clearly without other distractions, take your speaker to a quiet corner if necessary. If you are filming someone speaking to audience at a large event, the last thing you want is noise from the audience. Microphones should be used if possible.
  3. The zoom. Just because your camera has the capacity to zoom in and out, does not mean that you have to use this constantly. Zooming in and out too much can make your viewer feel travelsick. (The same goes for the shaky hand held camera). Use your zoom to get the shot framed right before you press record, and if you need to zoom in for detail or zoom out to get more background at a specific point make sure this is controlled and not overdone.

The edit:

  1. Use editing to take out the unnecessary extra footage. If it is not needed, and does not help convey your message cut it out. Are there any pauses that are too long that would be better taken out? If you don’t need to use it, lose it.
  2. Avoid fancy, spins and wipes these can detract from your video rather than enhance it. Keep to simple cuts or simple transitions such as cross fades.
  3. Branding – make sure you include your company logo. It is usual to have this at the front end of your video and at the end. If you make a great video about a new product you need to reinforce to your clients that it is your company that they can get this great product from.
  4. Call to action. This may be reinforcing a point made within your message. At this point you might be adding a phone number or embedding a link? This will depend on the nature of your video and what you want your audience to do. Most of all enjoy the process. If you need help we do offer short courses for businesses. You can get in touch with us about our courses from our web site.

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